Bloomberg’s data

There’s an article in today’s HuffPo by Michael Bloomberg about his $42 million program to push data-as-solutions in cities. Can Geo-CEG get some of that?

Paper goldmine

Do you have a ton of paper records that potentially contain valuable data ripe for useful analysis?  Here’s a potentially useful way to digitize it: Captricity uses a mix of image analysis and Mechanical Turk to turn paperwork into digital data with 99.98% accuracy

Smart Municipal Lighting in Denmark

A friend of mine in the energy industry once suggested to me the energy-saving measure of turning off half a city’s street lights.  This article shows a variation on the concept of smart municipality lighting that’s actually being implemented in Denmark where the city’s networked LED street lights illuminate around pedestrians and turn off otherwise:

Resources for startups

Here’s an article with some suggested ideas and resources for startups Excerpt: 1) Outsource the lame stuff. Services like Amazon Subscribe And Save take care of your toiletry and grocery fetching. If you’re lucky enough to have drop-off service for your laundry, use it; you can create way more value in those two hours than…

Code For America

Code for America looks intriguing. I’m looking into applying for their  Accelerator program on behalf of Geo-CEG. Great quote from their TED talk: “Government is what we do together that we can’t do alone” There’s an interview with one of their Fellows where they express “Cities are inefficient because they’re monopolies”.  That concept is very quotable and would…