GIS Implementation for Small Towns (GIST) is our flagship service around which the venture was built.  This is a program to deliver to communities a basic geospatial foundation upon which to build sustainable GIS infrastructure and projects. The GIST implementations are designed to be replicable and scalable for any client community or even non-profits. Our current pilot project with the City of Hood River is the proof-of-concept where we’re developing the model by identifying and testing successful procedures. The current model includes an A.B.C.D. approach:

  • Assess Needs: Interactive workshops and interviews to identify the community’s geospatial needs

  • Build GIS: Build the GIS foundation upon which the community’s GIS can support the community and grow

  • Coaching: Train and support staff and users to curate the community’s geospatial resources.

  • Deployments: Design and execute the GIS projects and programs that will deliver the power, efficiencies and savings available from geospatial technologies.

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